Outcome Grant Autumn 2010


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 29,500
performing "DAY" a solo dance piece by Jean Butler at the Frascati Theatre, Amsterdam, Holland from the 22nd - 24th October 2010 Netherlands3,000
performing "Choreography for Blackboards" at the Hayward Gallery, London from the 26th - 27th November 2010 United Kingdom4,000
Performing Romeo & Juliet in various venues throughout the UK from the 25th October - 19th November 2010 United Kingdom22,500


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 20,000
presenting "Focus on Ireland" at Interfilm International Short Film Festival at the Babylon Mitte Theatre, Germany, Germany from the 16th - 21st November 2010 Germany2,000
Presenting Irlanda en Film..un Festival in Multiple Venues in Cartagena, Colombia from the 29th - 31st October 2010Spain2,000
Encounters Festival screening 4 Films and Directors Q&A sessions at the Encounters International Film Festival at the Watershed Media Centre and Arnolfini Theatre, Bristol, UK from the 16th - 21st Novemebr 2010 United Kingdom4,000
screening Irish films with Arabic subtiles at a numbe rof venues in Syria from the 7th - 18th December 2010 Syrian Arab Republic5,000
organising the 4th Irish Film Festa as part of the Archimedia Cultural Association, Rome, Italy from the 24th - 28th November 2010 Italy7,000


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 1,800
Michael Longley presenting readings of his poems at Cardiff University Concert Hall on the 18th November 2010United Kingdom300
reading at the The Irish Heritage Festival organised by the Irish American Heritage Center of Chicago from the 5th - 7th November 2010 United States500
attending the 2011 Kritya Poetry Festival, India from the 19th - 21st January 2011 India1,000


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 96,150
performing at the International Alliance for Women in Music at the Muse des Moulages de I'Universite de Lyon 11, France on the 22nd October 2010 France350
Cora Venus Lunny performing with the Vratza Philharmonic at the Philharmonic Hall, Vratza, Bulgaria on the 18th November 2010 Bulgaria500
Aifric mac Aodha presenting readings of her work and Kila performing at the Irish Club of Belgium, Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe on the 26th November 2010 Belgium500
performing with the Hong Kong Chamber Orchestra at City Hall, Hong Kong, China on the 7th November 2010 Hong Kong800
performing at the Vlaardinggen Celtic Music Festival, Holland on the 13th Novemeber 2010 Netherlands1,000
presenting the Soundtrack for Guy Debords 1952 film "Hurlements en faveur de Sade" at the Cinesonika Festival, Vancouver, Canada 12th - 21st November 2010 Canada1,000
Caoimhn Raghallaigh and Breanndn Beaglaoich performing a US tour from the 15th - 28th October 2010United States1,200
presenting Irish artists at the Leeds Gathering Festival celebrating Irish Music, Song & Dance at the Irish Arts Foundation from the 5th - 15th November 2010 United Kingdom1,800
of Irish participating at the 24th Tyneside Irish Festival from the 8th - 24th October 2010 United Kingdom2,500
performing as part of the St Patrick's Week of Activities in Montserrat from the 12th - 19th March 2010Spain3,500
performing a USA South Eastern Tour in Nashville, Murfesboro, Donelson, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Asheville, Lexington, Louisville and Pegram from the 18th - 26th October 2010 United States4,000
performing at the Sephardic Music Festival, New York on the 4th December 2010 United States5,000
an Indo _ Irish friendship concert tour in various venues in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, India from the 7th - 16th January 2011India5,000
Moya Brennan Ensemble performing at the 18th Annual Atlanta Celtic Christmas Concert from the 18th - 19th December 2010 United States6,000
perfoming a tour in various venues throughout Germany from the 4th - 24th November 2010 Germany7,000
presenting a 18 concert tour titled Irish Christmas in America in various venues throughout America from the 26th November - 19th December 2010United States8,000
performing concerts at the Capodanno Celtico Festival, Milan, Italy, the Perthshire Amber Festival, Scotland, Performing Arts Centre, Eichberg, Germany, Live Music Venue, Darmstadt, Germany Live Music Venue, Miltenberg, Germany, Performing Arts Centre, BaGermany, United Kingdom, Italy8,000
performing the musical show"An Appointment with Mr Yeats" at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall and the Warwick Arts Centre from the 1st - 2nd February 2011United Kingdom10,000
Irish Artists performing at the Celtic Connections Festival in various venues in GB, Scotland from the 13th - 30th January 2011United Kingdom30,000


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 122,200
performing "The Dead" by James Joyce at the Greene Space Theatre, New York on the 31st December 2010United States1,200
Clowns without Borders performing in Durham and Capetown, South Africa in January - February 2011South Africa4,000
performing "Moby Dick" by Herman Melville at the Shanghai Theatre Festival, China from the 24th - 28th November 2010 China6,000
presenting "Who is Fergus Kilpatrick?" at the Romanian National Theatre Festival, Bucharest, Romania from the 30th October - 7th November 2010 Romania6,500
presenting "F*ck My Life" a semi - documentary theatre piece at the Frascati Theatre, The Netherlands from the 17th - 18th November 2010Netherlands6,500
performing "Nouvelle Carny" at the Adelaide Fringe Festival from the 18th February - 13th March 2011 Australia8,000
performing Beckett's "The End" at the South Bank Centre, London in January 2011 and "First Love" at the Auckland Arts Festival, New Zealand from the 2nd - 20th March 2011United Kingdom, New Zealand8,000
presenting The Abbey Theatre's production of "Terminus" by Mark O'Rowe as part of the Sydney Theatre Company Season 2011 and the Sydney Opera House from the 30th May - 9th July 2011Australia13,000
performing Little Gem at the Riverside Theatres, Parametta, Playhouse Theatre, Canberra, Theatre Royal, Hobart and Everest Theatre, Sydney, Australia from the 22nd February - 19th March 2011Australia24,000
presenting "Terminus" by Mark O'Rowe at the Lowry Theatre, Manchester from the 24th - 26th March 2011 and The Young Vic, London from the 28th March - 23rd April 2011United Kingdom45,000

Visual Art

Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 58,100
Aoife Collins presenting her work as part of a group exhibition titled "Murmur" at the Waterside Project Space, London from the 4th November - 19th December 2010 United Kingdom350
presenting a solo exhibition by Eva Rothschild at the Hepworth Wakefield Gallery from 21st May - 2nd October 2011 United Kingdom1,000
presenting three pieces from the Ten Miles Round at the Hereford Photography Festival in Hereford, England from the 29th October - 27th November 2010 United Kingdom1,000
Raymond Henshaw, Bill Penney, Fiona Joyce, Grace McMurray, Janine Davidson presenting a group Exhibition "Watershed" as part of the Hong Kong Graphic arts Fiesta, City Hall, Hong Kong on the 13th December 2010 Hong Kong1,000
presenting a solo Exhibition at the Vladimir Kafkarides Cultural Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus from the 16th December 2010 - 6th January 2011Cyprus1,000
presenting a solo exhibition at Heavens Full Project Space, London, from the 6th - 27th November 2010United Kingdom1,250
Shay Culligan presenting his work at the Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle from the 4th - 26th November 2010 and presenting a public lecture on the 5th November 2010 and Kevin O'Dwyer presenting his work and delivering a public lecture on the 12th December United States1,500
Presenting a video/ Exhibition installation titled "Tikka" at the Value venue, Oulu, Finland from the 18th December 2010 - 16th January 2011 Finland1,500
presenting a solo exhibition based on Michael Foutune at the Peer venue, London from the 23rd November 2010 - 15th January 2011United Kingdom2,000
presenting "Godchildren" at the Purdy Hicks Gallery,London from the 13th January - February 2011 and the David Nolan Gallery, New York from the 10th February - March 2011 United Kingdom, United States2,000
presenting an interdisciplinary project focusing on film, video and multimedia to include Irish artists Patrick Jolley and Paul Rowley at the Centre Pompidou, France, France from the 25th November - 4th December 2010France, Germany, Spain2,000
Aleana Egan presenting a solo exhibition at the Drawing Room, London from the 3rd February - 13th March 2011 United Kingdom3,000
presenting as part of a group exhibition titled "Horizon" at the Nova Art Coordinate Gallery, China, China from the 2nd December 2010 - 2nd January 2011China4,000
presenting a solo exhibition "Gulf" at the Maison de la Photographie, Lille, France from the 4th - 25th November 2010 France4,000
presenting work at the Multiplied Art Fair at Christies Gallery, London from the 15th - 18th October 2010 United Kingdom4,500
Marty Kelly, Margaret O'Brien, Tom Climent, Dave West presenting their work as part of Blueleaf Gallery at Art Toronto Art Fair from the 28th October - 1st November 2010 Canada4,500
performing "The Instructional" a collated exhibition of contempory Irish Artists at the Lewis Art Gallery, Millsaps College and Jackson Arts Center, Mississippi from the 5th - 29th November 2010United States5,000
Sean Scully presenting a solo exhibition at the Wilhelm - Hack - Museum, Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany from the 29th January - 8th May 2010Germany5,000
Isabel Nolan's Solo exhibition at Gallery Side 2, Tokyo, Japan from the 10th December 2010 - 14th January 2011Japan6,000
presenting the work of Brendan Earley at the The NADA Art Fair, US from the 2nd - 5th December 2010United States7,500

Total for Autumn 2010: €327,750