Outcome Grant Autumn 2008


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 98,000
performing "Giselle" at the Perth International Arts Festival, Australia from the 28th February - 08th March 2009Australia55,000
performing a solo dance show "Out of Time" at the Barbican Theatre as part of the BITE'09 International Performance Festival in February 2009 and in the East Festival, London, from the 5th - 10th March 2009United Kingdom15,000
presenting the triple dance bill, "Irish Cream" at the War Memorial Auditorium, 16th - 20th March 2009United States10,000
performing, in collaboration with San Francisco dance company, Printz Dance Project, at the Cowell Theatre, San Francisco from the 4th - 8th November 2008United States10,000
performing at the Centro Cultural Los Talleres, Mexico in January 2009Mexico4,000
presenting "Sense and Meaning" in Edinburgh College of Art on the 15th December 2008United Kingdom2,000
performing as part of the Movement Research Improvisation Fall Festival, New York from the 1st - 14th December 2008United States2,000


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 34,450
organising a 2nd Irish Film Festa "Casa del Cinema" Rome from the 8th - 11th December 2008Italy10,000
promotion of Irish short filmmaking at Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival, France from the 31st January - 7th Feb 2009France9,000
organising the 10th Annual Boston Irish Film Festival from the 9th - 12th November 2008United States6,000
Irish filmmakers attending the Short Film festival Encounters Festival 09th - 22nd Nov 2008United Kingdom3,500
screening of Fairytale of Kathmandu in the Best of Input event in Taiwan from the 5th - 7th December 2008 and at the Adelaide Film Festival from the 19th February - 1st March 2009China, Australia2,500
representing Irish Animation and screening of films at the prestigious Fiae Film Festival at Rio De Janeiros Museum of Modern art, Brazil from the 6th - 14th November 2008Brazil1,500
screening two Irish Documentary films at the Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival from the 5th - 9th November 2009United Kingdom1,350
Lenny Abrahamson, director of "Garage" attendence at "Around the World in 14 Films" festival in Germany, Germany from the 28th November - 06th December 2008.Germany600


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 8,250
programme of events involving Irish aurthors at the 26th Karlsruhe Book Exhibition, Karlsruhe Buecherschau, Germany from the 14th November - 7th December 2008Germany4,000
Louis de Paor and John Spillane performing at the International Poetry Festival Islands without Borders, Czech Republic, from the 11th - 13th November 2008Czech Republic1,500
participating in the Jaipur Literature Festival, India from the 21st - 25th January 2009India1,000
performing a poetry reading at the Festival International De Poesia De Granada, Nicaragua, USA in February 2009 United States1,000
poetry readings and discussions in Prague and Brno 12- 15 NovemberCzech Republic750


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 97,200
participation by Irish musicians in GB's Celtic Connections Festival from the 14th January to 1st February 2009United Kingdom25,000
RIAM Symphony Orchestra performing concerts in Connecticut, Virginia and New York from the 23rd - 25th January 2009.United States10,000
organising 2 tours of Irish music in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland between November 2008 and May 2009Netherlands10,000
performances by "The Planter and the Gael" and Batt and Maura Burns at the Houston International Festival from the 16th - 24th April 2009 United States9,000
performing the 36th annual North American Concert tour from the 7th - 21st October 2008United States7,500
performing at ten venues across six cities in India from 12th - 30th November 2008India6,000
performing a Christmas tour in Canada from the 3rd to 20th December 2008Canada6,000
traditional Irish music, song and dance performances at two festivals in Australia and a number of other venues in Australia and New Zealand from the 6th March - 2nd April 2009New Zealand, Australia5,000
performing a tour "Irish Christmas in America" involving Tada, Karen Casey, Cara Dillon, Tommy Martin, Grinne Hambly, Sienna Hickey and Abbey Magill from 29th November - 17th December 2008United States4,000
performing of a six week tour of Australia and New Zealand from the 6th March - 13th April 2009Australia, New Zealand4,000
performing at the Synchronicity Festival, Kanpur, India on the 25th October 2008India1,800
Chulrua and Maldon Meehan performing at the 6th annual Eugene Irish Cultural Festival from the 6th - 7th March 2009 United States1,500
organising the annual Irish Cultural Festival from the 6th - 9th November 2008Denmark1,500
Gemma Hayes, Maria Doyle Kennedy and The Hollows to perform at 4th Blue Bird Festival Vienna from the 20th - 22nd November 2008Austria1,000
Irish soloists performing works by Irish composers with the Vratza Philharmonic in Philharmonic Hall, Vratza, Bulgaria on the 11th December 2008Bulgaria1,000
a concert of new Irish music at the University of York, 1st November 2008United Kingdom1,000
inviting David and Kieran Munnelly to perform in seven major theatres in California An Irish Christmas, 29th November - 14th December 2008.United States1,000
three concerts of Irish music and song - Ger Foley on the 4th October 2008, Tommy O'Sullivan on the 23rd October 2008 and Cherish the Ladies on the 7th December 2008 in Fairfield, USA United States700
David Flynn and Ioana Petcu - Colan performing a recital of at the Academia de Muzica in Cluj - Napoca in January 2009Romania600
Gerry O'Connor, Siobhn Armstrong and Risin Elsafy performing at the Brighton Early Music Festival from the 24th - 26th October 2008United Kingdom600


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 262,100
performing "The Walworth Farce" on a six - city USA tour from the 25th September - 31st October 2009 United States80,000
performing "The New Electric Ballroom" at the Perth International Festival in February 2009 and at the Riverside Studios, London in March 2009Australia, United Kingdom70,000
presenting "Rank" by Robert Massey at the Tricycle Theatre, London from the 3rd - 22nd November 2008United Kingdom30,000
performing "The Strange Voyage of Donald Crowhurst" at the 11th Turkish State Theatre's International Festival from the 27th March - 8th April 2009Turkey30,000
performing a six week UK tour of the "Playboy of the Western World" from the 20th April - 25th May 2009United Kingdom20,000
participating at the International Theatre Festival in Sibiu, Romania from the 28th May - 04th July 2009Romania8,000
performing in 7 refugee camps in Bhutanese, Nepal in November - December 2008Nepal8,000
performing and installing "Ephemeral silence or the universe of D.A.N.T.E at the Chapter Arts Centre Cardiff, Wales from the 29th March - 19th April 2009United Kingdom4,000
theatre/music show/storytelling performances in NYU, New York on the 3rd November 2008, Boston Irish Theatre 10th November 2008 and Irish Arts Foundation, San Francisco November 2008United States4,000
Orla Barry performing "The Scavenger's Daughter" at the Tate Modern, London on the 13th December 2008United Kingdom3,000
presenting "Forgotten" at the Unity Theatre, Liverpool as part of the Liverpool Irish Festival from the 21st - 22nd October 2008United Kingdom2,500
performing a solo puppet piece Goldilocks and the Three Bears at the 25th World performing Arts Festival, Pakistan from the 13th - 23rd November 2008Pakistan2,000
speaking at the Symposium on Playboy of the Western World: then and now on 19th October 2008United States600

Visual Art

Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 115,100
participating at 3 major International Art Fairs, Art Forum, Berlin from the 31st October - 3rd November 2008, Pulse, US from the 3rd - 7th December 2008 and ARCO, Madrid from the 11th - 16th February 2009 Germany, Spain, United States15,000
a solo performance by Gerard Mannix Flynn in China, "Return to Sender" and "The Fighter", an exhibition of Farcrys works and screening of their films entitled "Remnants of our past" and "Victim Impact Report" in Taipei, Oct - Dec 2008.China15,000
an exhibition by artists from the Achill Artists Group in Cologne, Germany in March 2009 Germany9,000
selection of Irish artists participating in an exhibition project at the Smart Project Space, Amsterdam from the 10th January to the 21st February 2009Netherlands8,000
organising a solo international exhibition in Newfoundland, Canada from September 2009 - September 2010Canada8,000
Irish artists participation in the exhibition "The Pressure of a Sign: Visible Invisible" at CACE, Porto from the 31st Jan - 1st March 2009 and Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw from the 28th January - 27th February 2010Portugal, Poland8,000
participating in "Sounds and Visions - Art Film and Video from Europe" at Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel from the 6th February - 20th April 2009 Israel5,000
exhibit at the Centre of Contemporary Non-objective art, Brussels from 17th October to 19th November 2008 and participate in the Turin Triennale from the 6th November 2008 - 18th January 2009 and NADA Art Fair, US from the 5th - 9th December 2008 United States, Italy, Belgium5,000
presenting the publication "Printed Project" at Printed Matters "NY Art Book Fair", New York from the 23rd to 26th October 2008United States4,000
an exhibition by David Beatte, Karl Burke and Chris Fite - Wassilak at studio 1.1 London from the 8th January to 1st February 2009 United Kingdom4,000
send copies of Circa Art Magazine to Major Art Fairs and Biennales worldwide and arrange e-flux international art listing service in 2009 3,500
an exhibition of work by selected Irish visual artists at Saint - tienne Biennial of Design, Lyon, France from the 15th to 30th November 2008France3,500
participating in a group show at the LA County Museum, Los Angeles from the 27th November 2008 - 23rd January 2009 and 2 exhibitions in Hanbury Street Project Space, London from the 4th - 25th November 2008 and at the Sketch Gallery, London from the 20th United Kingdom, United States3,000
a solo exhibition of photographs and video works at the Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne from the 5th June - 1st August 2009Australia3,000
exhibiting of George Bolster's art installation Reckoner at MASS MoCA from April 2009 until March 2010United States3,000
a solo exhibition at Robert Drees Gallery, Hanover, Germany in February - March 2009 and at Art Cologne in May 2009Germany2,500
perfroming at the Sao Paulo Bienal, Brazil with four other international artists from the 2nd- 6th November 2008Brazil2,000
participate and perform at the International Performance Festival at the Asiatopia, Bangkok from the 14th - 16th November 2008Thailand2,000
a solo exhibition "Here Somewhere" at the Mart House Gallery, Amsterdam from the 21st November to 21st December 2008Netherlands2,000
a solo exhibition "Many Shades of Black" at the MOP in Sydney from 3rd - 26th November 2008Australia1,500
an exhibition by Janet Mullarney and Concert by Kay McCarthy as part of the 3rd Riflessidiversi Festival in Magione, Italy from the 18th - 25th October 2008Italy1,500
performing in Exist 08, international Festival of Live Art in Brisbane, Australia from the 22nd to 26th October 2008Australia1,000
an exhibition and live performance at the Trace Gallery, Cardiff in November 2008 United Kingdom1,000
participating at Preview Berlin - The Emerging Art Fair from the 30th October - 2nd November 2008 Germany1,000
a solo exhibition at Mary Mary Gallery, GB, Scotland from the 15th November - 20th December 2008United Kingdom1,000
participating in the China International Photography Festival October 2008 China800
presenting photographic exhibition, "A Tale of two Cities", at Barristers Gallery, New Orleans from the 8th November - 29th December 2008United States800
presentation of Pripyat by Nicky Larkin at the Optica Video Art Festival, Spain, Spain from the 16th to- 18th October 2008Spain500
Niamh O'Malley presenting a solo exhibition at the HIAP Project Room, at the Cable Factory, Helsinki from the 2nd - 19th December 2008Finland500

Total for Autumn 2008: €615,100