Outcome Grant Autumn 2007


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 71,800
screening a film at the Festival au Desert in Mali, West Africa from the 4th - 15th January 2008Mali24,000
orginising Alcine short film festival Spain, showcasing all Irish films from the 9th until 17th November 2007Spain20,000
participating in the Market of the Clemont - ferrand Short Film Festival in France from the 2nd until 10th February 2008France12,000
participating in the 9th Annual Boston Irish Film Festival from the 9th - 12th of November 2007United States8,000
showing irish films at the 5th Annual San Francisco Irish Film Festival on San francisco Bay from the 2nd - 18th March 2008United States4,000
participating at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2008United States1,500
screening "Puppy Love" at the Irish Film Festival in Boston, 8th - 12th November 2007United States1,300
participating in the Trinidad Film festival from the 23rd - 27th October 2007 United Kingdom1,000


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 132,000
running a literature showcase at the Habitat International Conference Centre in New Delhi 7th - 31st January 2008India125,000
hosting the Irish National Collective stand at the Frankfurt International Book Fair 2007, from the 9th - 14th October Germany3,000
presenting work as part of the Lithuanian Writers Association in Lithuania in November 2007Lithuania1,300
participating at the Sha'ar International Poetry Festival in Israel, 18th - 21st October 2007Israel1,200
of participating as a speaker at the annual conference of CANSCAIP on 3rd November 2007Canada1,200
Performing at the Beneluxcon 2007 convention, Louvain from the 23rd November - 26th November 2007Belgium300


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 332,550
performing several concerts in France from 20th November - 5th FebruaryFrance, United States120,000
a series of showcase concerts across America in April 2008United States85,000
organising Irish performers to perform at the GBCeltic Connections festival in January 2008 United Kingdom25,000
participating in charity concerts in Boston and New York in conjunction with Gospel choirs based in the USA from 3rd - 9th of November 2007United States15,000
performing 6 concerts in Japan from the 8th - 19th of December 2007Japan12,000
a North American Concert Tour, in various locations, October 2007.United States10,000
attending at the Chamber Music America's national conference in New York from the 3rd - 7th January 2008United States8,000
musically accompaning a silent film at the BAMcinematek in New York on 13th November 2007United States7,500
performing a concert at the Irish Embassy in Athens on 21st November 2007Greece5,000
an exhibition and traditional music showcase at the Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam from 15th - 29th March 2008Netherlands4,500
giving masterclasses, lectures, workshops and recitals in the Wuhan Conservatory of Music in October 2007China4,000
performing many concerts to celebrate St partick's Day in Montserrat from the 10th - 18th March 2008United States4,000
participating in a classical tour of New Zealand from the 15th - 27th March 2008New Zealand3,500
digital projections and live performances throughout Cuba December 2007 - May 2008Cuba3,000
Triocca performing at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in China from the 16th - 22nd February 2008China3,000
of the Dublin City Workingman's Band playing in 5 promotional performances at EL FEILE, Barcelona, 13th - 17th March, 2008.Spain3,000
a performance by Irish musicians at the University of Aarhus on 15th of November 2007Denmark3,000
a concert of Irish Music held in the Igreja do Convento de Nossa Senhora do Bom Sucesso, Lisboa on the 17th November 2007Portugal2,500
performing at the Irish musicians Festival from the 19th October until the 4th November 2007United Kingdom2,500
travel to US for three recitals and several performances from 16th - 18th December 2007United States2,300
bringing The Black Brothers to the 5th Annual Eugene Irish Cultural Festival in Oregon 7th March 2008United States2,000
traditional music performances, workshops and lectures at the Copenhagen Irish Festiva, November 2007Denmark1,800
performing a composed piece at Historique Au Bon - Pasteur in Montreal from the 23th - 30th November 2007Canada1,500
performing two traditional music concerts in Newtown and Fairfield from the 2nd until the 15th November 2007United States1,200
presenting a song - recital in the Lazienki Palace, Warsaw on 17th Novmber 2007Poland1,000
travel to Israel to perform at the Ultrasound Music Festival 7th and 8th December 2007Israel1,000
music presentations, Princeton, 10th - 15th December 2007United States650
performing two concerts in Statesboro and Milledgville, South Georgia from the 25th - 30th November 2007United States600


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 404,000
touring the production 'Oedipus Loves You' in U.K., China, USA February - June 2008United Kingdom, China, United States100,000
performing Giselle at the New Zealand International Arts Festival from the 8th - 11th March 2008New Zealand50,000
performing TERMINUS at the Under the Radar Festival in New York from 9th - 19th January 2008United States45,000
performing the play "Trad" at the Perth International Arts Festival, 12th - 18th February 2008Australia40,000
performing Knots at the Festspiele Ludwigshafen in Germany from the 29th October until the 10th of December 2007Germany30,000
participating in festco 2008 in Bucharest from 5th - 12th April 2008Romania29,000
performing "The tailor and Ansty by Eric Cross" at the Kings Head Theatre, London from January until May 2008United Kingdom25,000
performing a "Two for dinner for Two" in Bulgaria and Bucharest from the 6th - 10th November 2008Bulgaria20,000
performing "Are you the wife of Michael Cleary" in the Irish Arts Centre, New York in January 2008United States10,000
performing "The Myth and the Flesh" at the Caulonia Arts and Traditional Music Festival, 25th - 30th November 2007Italy10,000
performing "Running Beast" to mark the 400th anniversary of the flight of the Earls In March 2008Poland10,000
bringing the performance "Clowns without Borders" to Uganda, 17th November - 15th December 2007Uganda8,000
performing at the celtic Nations Heritage Festival on October 12th -14th 2007United States8,000
organising a 4-day-event-commemerating "Flight of the Earls" in Lugano and Lucern, 14-18- March 2008 SwitzerlandSwitzerland8,000
performing and producing Edna O'Brien's "Tir Na N'og" at the San francisco's Magic Theatre from the 28th January until 24th March 2008United States6,000
participation in a group exhibition in Vancouver, Canada from 5th March - 13th April 2008Canada3,000
producing "Crestfall" at the Theatre 503, Latchmere Pub. Battersea Park, London from the 27th November until the 15th December 2007United Kingdom2,000

Visual Art

Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 122,100
participation in the International Fine Craft Exhibition Sculptural Object Functional Art (SOFA) in Chicago, 1st - 4th November 2007United States45,000
presenting Fergus feehily's solo exhibition in Jack Hanley's Gallery from the 6th - 10th November also participating in Nada art Fair in US from the 2nd - 10th December 2007United States18,000
participation in the Aqua Art US art fair from 6th - 9th December 2007United States10,500
participating in a 4 month residency and exhibiting in Tasmania from January until May 2008Australia10,000
participating in a solo exhibition in 411 gallery Chinafrom July - August 2008China5,000
participating in the FOTO ARTE Brasila, October - December 2007Brazil5,000
presenting a solo exhibition exhibition in Malkasten in Dusseldorf in November 2007Germany5,000
two art performances in Helsinki from 18th - 24th February 2008, as part of an artist exchange programmeFinland4,000
exhibiting art work in The Academy of Everything is Possible in London from 6th - 16th of December 2007United Kingdom3,500
an artist in residency project in Tokyo including an exhibition and artist talk from 23rd October - 6th November 2007United States2,700
exhibiting art work in Q Gallery, Copenhagen from 26th October - November 4th 2007Denmark2,600
performing in a solo exhibition in Galerie Hunchentoot in Berlin from the 02th November until the 01st of December 2007Germany2,500
preparing the Shorelines project 2009 - 2010 in Ireland and NewfoundlandIreland2,000
a two-month artist in residency project in Shigaraki including an exhibition and presentation in November-December 2007Japan2,000
a solo exhibition at the Purdy Hicks Gallery in London from 16th November - 21st December 2007United Kingdom2,000
exhibition at the Shanghai International Art Fair, 29th November - 3rd December 2007.China1,500
participating in a joint exhibition with other artists at the Kaskadenkondensator, Switzerland from the 1st - 6th November 2007Switzerland800

Total for Autumn 2007: €1,062,450