Outcome Grant Summer 2007


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 35,300
performing in association with the Directors Guild of America, the Annual Directors Finders Series in September 2007 and screening of the selected film in Los Angeles on September 14th.United States7,000
inviting 5 international film curators and programmers to Cork Festival to view new Irish shorts and film works from 14 - 21 Oct. 2007Ireland7,000
inviting international festival programmers to the Galway Film Fleadh, July 2007Ireland4,000
inviting ONCE film director John Carey to the Melbourne International Film Festival 25 July - 12 Aug 2007, AustraliaAustralia4,000
participation in the 9th Seoul International Youth Filmmaking Camp in South Korea from 19 - 24 July 2007Korea, Democratic People's Republic of3,000
participation in a one-day- festival of film by Irish women in the Irish Cultural Centre in France, France from 28 -30 Sept. 2007France3,000
screening arthouse and experimental Irish short films and animation at the ISAFF Open Cinema Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia on 19 Aug. 2007Russian Federation2,800
showing Irish films by Jim Sheridan in the Cinemateca Portuguesa, Museu Do Cinema, Lisbon from 12 -17 Oct. 2007Portugal2,500
attending the Film Market at the Venice Film Festival 2007 from 3 8 Sept. 2007Italy2,000
producing a film project in collaboration with Travel Queeries documenting the Copenhagen Queer Festival in July 2007Denmark 
showcasing "the best of Ireland" at the Irish Film and Television branches in New York and Los Angeles from Aug. 2007 - March 2008United States 


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 36,690
a group of Irish curators and artistic directors going to Shanghai for Intellectual Exchange in Nov. 2007China12,000
participation of Irish writers speaking at a multidisciplinary event on Irish culture in Lisbon, Portugal from 13 -16 Nov.2007Portugal7,500
organising a 3 day festival of Irish storytelling at the Irish Centre in London from 26 -28 Oct.2007United Kingdom6,500
inviting Irish writers to the Edinburgh International Book Festival from 11 - 27 Aug. 2007United Kingdom2,800
attending and readings of poems from the Chinese Dual Language publication, at various events in Qinghai, China 6 -12 Aug.2007 China2,000
participation with the Irish poet Cathal O'Searcaigh at the San Francisco International Poetry Festival from 11 - 14 Oct. 2007United States2,000
participating at the XVIII Annual international Literary Festival Drusakininkai Poetic Fall that will take place on 3 -9 October 2007, in Drusakininkai and Vilinus, LithuaniaLithuania1,500
participation in a poetry festival at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles 5 - 7 Oct. 2007United States1,200
participation at a poetry festivals at the University of Southern California, USA from 5 - 7 Oct. 2007United States1,190


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 167,825
participation in the Sounds Alive 2008 series of the Canberra International Camber Music Festival from 7 -27 May 2008Australia44,000
a showcase concert at the Konzerthaus, Berlin from 22 - 24 Oct.2007Germany34,000
performing classical music and Irish traditional music in schools in Japan during the time from 25 Oct. - 3 Nov. 2007Japan20,000
of concerts festivals and workshops in a 23 day tour of USA and Canada, 6 - 30 Sept. 2007United States, Canada10,000
performances of Irish Traditional music and workshops at the Conservatorio Francisco Guerrero de Sevilla, Spain from 27 Oct. - 3 Nov 2007Spain7,000
participating in the 22nd Irish Festival in Finland which will take place 28 Sept. - 7 Oct.2007 in Helsinki, FinlandFinland6,000
organising a special series of Irish Master Musicians concerts by some leading bands and musicians in London Sept -Dec 2007United Kingdom4,500
organisaing the 2st Tyneside Irish Festival to include Irish Trad, Music, Literature, Drama, Storytellers and Dancing, Tyneside U.K., 11 - 21 Oct.2007United Kingdom4,000
participation of the Irish band LIADAN at the 27th Milwaukee Irish Fest celebrating "Celtic Women" from 16 - 19 Aug.2007United States4,000
performing a musical exchange with the Tayuela de Mercer Pipe Band, Llanes, Spain, 14 - 17 Aug. 2007Spain4,000
participation of young Irish musicians in the 13th Biennale in Alexandria, Egypt from 25 Nov. - 4 Dec. 2007Egypt4,000
participation of Irish musicians at The Oulu Irish Festival in Finland from 4 - 7 October , 2006Finland3,000
organising the Irish Traditional Music and Set Dance Weekend featuring several Irish musicians in Atlantic Canada from 7 - 8 Sept. 2007Canada3,000
participation in a concert tour and masterclasses in several venues around the USAUnited States2,900
performing a short band tour in Canada and in the US in from 6 - 15 October 2007United States, Canada2,200
participation at the GBInternational Piping Festival 6 -12 Aug.2007United Kingdom2,000
performing and workshop coordination at 6 different Irish Festivals around the USA 27 July - 16 Sept. 2007United States2,000
participation in an International Folk dance Festival, performing in venues around Budapest, Hungary from 13 - 21 Aug. 2007United Kingdom1,500
presenting a commissioned work at various events at the Chicago Cultural Centre and other venues, USA 21.Oct.2007United States1,400
participation at the World Youth Choir concert tour in South Africa and Namibia 9 July - 4 Aug.2007South Africa, Namibia1,200
launching a recently recorded work at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 3 - 9 Aug., UKUnited Kingdom1,000
participation of Irish artists at the Milwaukee Irish Fest in the US, 14 - 20 Aug. 2007United States1,000
performing at a Folk Night in The Ship Pub , Newfoundland and to undertake a singing workshop at the Cultural Careers Conference Showcase, 10- 14 Oct. 2007Canada1,000
participation of Marin Lolan (Irish piper) in the Shamrock Festival in Ceske Budejovice from 27 - 28 Oct. 2007Czech Republic1,000
booking six artists for three traditional Irish music concerts on 3 Aug, 15 and 28 Sept in three venues in Connecticut, USAUnited States1,000
participation of an Irish harpist in an international concert in the Museu da Msica, Portugal on 16 Nov. 2007Portugal975
an annual gathering of Irish, American and Canadian pipers to preserve Irish piping tradition in New York on 26.-28.Oct.2007United States650
performing two recitals and an educational workshop in Brnas, Nbian, France from 2 - 4 August 2007France500
organising and performing a 6 day concert tour to Estonia in Oct. / Nov. 2007Estonia 


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 430,600
performing at the Beckett Season in New York 27 Nov - 9 December 2007.United States100,000
performing a tour to different venues around the U.K. to perform "James Son of James" Jan - May 2008 Poland100,000
presenting a premiere production "The Pride of Parnell" at the Tricyle Theatre, London, 5 - 22 September 2007United Kingdom40,000
the tour "Making History" to France, Leuven, Viterbo and Rome from 17 - 22 Sept. 2007Italy, France30,000
performing a specially composed piece of music titled "The Road to Lough Swilly", France, 30 October 2007France30,000
participating in the Da Dao Live Arts Festival, China, Macao, Hong Kong and Xiamen, China 9 -23 Oct.2007China25,000
performing the Nutcracker in 14 venues in the UK from 6 Nov. - 1 Dec. 2007United Kingdom25,000
performing at the Busan International Beach Dance Festival, South Korea from 2 -4 Aug. 2007Germany20,000
performing "Iscariot and Magdalen" on tour in Romania and Moldova, 26 Sept. - 15 Oct.2007Romania, Moldova, Republic of15,000
attendance in an international theatre festival organised by the Teatr Polski in Poznan, Poland from 15 - 21 Oct. 2007Poland15,000
performing in several major cities around China from 9 -23 Oct. 2007China11,600
participation at the Trachtenwoche International Dance Festival in Neustadt, Germany from 27 July - 8 Aug. 2007Germany5,000
performing and coordinating workshops at the International Playback Festival, 16 -19 Aug 2007 in San Paulo, Brasil Brazil5,000
performing the production "Unforgiven"in the Gatehouse Theatre in London, from 30 Oct. - 3.Nov. 2007United Kingdom3,000
participating in the Festival Hub in Melbourne as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival Australia2,500
Geraldine Hughes' performance in "Shining City" as well as the playwriter's (Conor McPherson) attendance at discussion and workshops in Washington DC, 7 Nov - 16 Dec 2007United States2,000
inviting Fearghous Conchir to stage "MATCH" as part of the festival's contemporary dance programme on 25 August 2007Italy1,500

Visual Art

Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 103,350
performing "Through Irish Eyes" at The ChinaInstitute of Graphic Communication, China from 20 - 30 Sept.2007China20,000
performing "Garden of the Tain" at Tsinghua University on 1st of May 2008, ChinaChina20,000
sending the 'Da Beatz' youth programme to participate in a urban arts programme organised by MZONE, Liverpool in early Feb. 2008United Kingdom15,000
participation in the building a colour installation at the Albers Foundation in Bethany CT, USA from Aug. - Nov. 2007United States11,500
exhibiting a solo show at the Whitechapel Project Space, London from 6 Sept. - 7 Oct. 2007United Kingdom8,000
exhibiting artist Siobhan Hapska's work at the Camden Arts Centre, London from 28 Sept 2007United Kingdom7,000
Gerard Byrne's participation in the exhibition "Against Time" at Bonniers Konsthall, Sweden from 12 Sept. - 18 Nov. 2007Sweden6,000
presentation of work as part of the FRED '07 exhibition in Cumbria, UK from 27 Sept. - 11 Oct. 2007United Kingdom3,000
participation in a photographic exhibition at the Harbour Gallery, University of Massachusetts as part of the American Conference of Irish Studies in Boston from 5 - 25 Nov. 2007United States3,000
participation in the FILE-Electronic Language International Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil from 11 -17 Aug. 2007Brazil2,800
participating in 2 exhibitions of new film work in Helsinki and Sao Paolo, 15 -28 July & 25 Sept.- 9 Oct.2007Finland, Brazil2,250
participating in a exhibition of 5 different artists in Riverside Studios in London from 6 Aug. - 4 Sept. 2007United Kingdom2,000
exhibiting at the Primo Alonso Gallery in London from 4 Oct - 18 Nov. 2007United Kingdom2,000
exhibiting work in Nova Scotia and Toronto in connection with Holocaust events 29 Oct. - 8 Nov., CanadaCanada800

Total for Summer 2007: €773,765