Outcome Grant Autumn 2006


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 132,500
producing a DVD of the entire Druid Synge project from a live audience show in August 2005Ireland90,000
participation in the 8th Festival in Tel Aviv in 2007.Israel9,000
a stand and screenings at the Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival in France in January/February 2007 France6,000
Irish participation in the Festival in November 2006United States4,000
hosting, in association with the Directors Guild of America, the Annual Directors Finders Series in October 2006 and screening of the selected film in Los Angeles in November 2006United States4,000
presentation of Irish films in New York in 2006-2007United States3,000
Irish participation in the Cherbourg-Octeville Film Festival in France in March 2007France3,000
an exhibition of the" BURN Project" in Mexico and two screenings of "Sugar" at the International Independent Film Festival in Argentina in October/November 2006Mexico, Argentina3,000
Irish participation in the 4th Annual S.F. Irish Film Festival in San Francisco in March 2007United States2,500
Irish participation in the 10th Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia in November/December 2006Estonia2,300
an international conference on contemporary Irish cinema at the University of Limoges, France, in November 2007France1,500
participating in the Manhattan Short Film Festival New York in September 2006 with his short film "Last Night"United States1,200
participating in the 11th Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin Film Festival in Paris in November- December 2006 France1,000
showing the video work "Walk" at the Recontres Paris/Berlin Festival in Paris in November/December 2006France1,000
showing video works "Gravity Loop" at the Recontres Paris/Berlin Festival in Paris in November 2006France1,000


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 23,868
the conference "Ireland and Argentina - Modernity, Culture and Identity in the 20th Century" at the University of Salvador and La Matanza University in Buenos Aires in November/December 2006Argentina6,400
bringing the exhibition "Beckett 100: a Centenary Celebration" to the Humboldt University in Berlin in October 2006Germany3,350
Prof. David Harkness giving a 2-week lecture module in Irish History in Romania in October 2006Hungary3,100
the 4th Annual Irish Studies Conference and cultural events at the University of Sunderland in the UK in November 2006United Kingdom3,000
poetry reading at 23rd International Conference of IASIL Japan and lectures, readings and workshops at the Aichi Shukutoku University and University of Tokyo in September/October 2006Japan2,000
readings at the 23rd International Conference of IASIL Japan and lectures, readings and workshops at the Aichi Shukutoku University and University of Tokyo in September/October 2006Japan2,000
Irish speakers presenting lectures on Sardinia/Ireland cultural and historical links at the International Conference "Island/World: Sardinia between Archaism and Modernity" in Sassari, Italy in November 2006Italy1,000
lecture and exhibition by Dr. Muris O'Sullivan on Tara in Athens in December 2006Greece950
Irish participation in the 27th Annual International Festival of Authors at the Habourfront Centre, Toronto, in October 2006Canada783
a poetry reading by Paul Durcan in Athens on 25 October 2006Greece700
lectures on Easter 1916 at various venues in the US in November/December 2006United States300
a lecture by Prof. Terence Brown on "The Irish Dylan Thomas" at the University in October 2007United Kingdom285


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 131,132
Irish participation in 7 major concerts and music industry conventions between September 2006 and February 2007 Germany, United Kingdom, United States, France, Canada20,000
launch of new agency function for the Improvised Music Company representing Irish artists in jazz 15,000
towards the cost of performing in the Theatre Champs Elysees, France, and Cadogan Hall, London, in November 2006United Kingdom, France15,000
a US tour in October 2006United States15,000
the US premiere of Gerald Barry's opera "The Triumph of Beauty and Deceit" at the Carnegie Hall, New York, in March 2008United States11,000
Irish participation in traditional music performances, workshops and lectures at the Copenhagen Irish Festival in November 2006Denmark5,000
traditional Irish music and dancing performances and workshops at the Annual Irish Heritage Festival in Louisiana in October 2006United States5,000
participating in the Basel Fasnacht Festival in Switzerland in February 2007Switzerland5,000
touring in Japan in September/October 2006Japan5,000
concert/performance in San Jose in October 2006United States5,000
international distribution of the CD "Contemporary Music from Ireland Volume 6" showcasing recent compositions by living Irish composersGreece3,500
an exchange between North Africian and Cork Musicians with performances in October 2006 and January 20073,000
performances and workshops at the New Music Symposium at Georgia State University in Atlanta, US, in October 2006United States3,000
the 20th Annual weekend of Irish traditional music, song and dance in Paris in association with the Association of Irlandaise Paris in January 2007France3,000
Irish participation in an evening of Irish music and dance in Prague in October 2006, including Rinceoiri, Coisceim and AltanCzech Republic3,000
premiere of newly commissioned work including singers and musicians in New York in November 2006United States2,300
participation of Carmel Sheerin and the Ravens in the World of Bluegrass Festival in Nashville, US, in September/October 2006United States2,000
touring with the Irish Jazz group Phil Ware Trio in the UK in November 2006United Kingdom2,000
performing two concerts in Argentina in November 2006Argentina2,000
bringing six master Irish musicians to the 4th Annual Eugene Irish Cultural Festival in Oregon in March 2007United States1,750
live performances at the opening of the "All Out" Exhibition in Rome in October 2006Italy1,500
Irish participation in bodhrn workshops and performances as part of Edinburgh's showcase of traditional arts "Ceilidh Culture" in April 2007United Kingdom1,482
performances by classical Irish musicians at Carnegie Hall, New York, in October 2006United States1,000
a traditional Irish music and song concert series in Connecticult, US in September/November 2006United States600


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 210,500
bringing the production "Dublin by Lamplight" to 4 venues in the UK in April/May 2007 and to Mexico in October 2007United Kingdom, Mexico50,000
Bui Bolg and the Institute of Art & Design Dun Laoighre performing in the Chingay Parade in February 2007China35,000
bringing dance performances of "The White Piece" to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil, in November/December 2006Brazil30,000
bringing Brian Friel's play "Translations" to the Biltmore Theatre, New York, in January/March 2007United States15,000
attendance of international presenters at a conference and networking event with Irish producers and artists in Dublin in October 2006Ireland15,000
performing "Here Lies" in the Salle d'Exposition of the Centre Culturel Irlandais in November 2006France13,000
bringing the production "The Strange Voyage of Donald Crowhurst" to Avila in Spain in November 2006Spain12,000
Irish participation in networking meetings in Chinaand Shanghai, China, in October 2006 organised by International Network of Contemporary Performaing Arts and the China Association of Performing Arts China10,000
two performances of "The Friends of Jack Kairo", a one man show by Simon Toal, at the Bucharest International Theatre Festival in November 2006Hungary10,000
co-production with Cwmni Theatr Arad Goch of "Winter Pictures" a show for children in Wales September/October 2006United Kingdom8,000
bringing the children's play "The Witchin' Well" by Joe Brennan to Bucharest, Romania in October 2006Romania5,500
performances of "Hang-Gliding" at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff in November 2006United Kingdom3,500
a two-week festival celebrating the Beckett Centenary in October 2006United States2,000
bringing the performance "Clowns without Borders" to 7 United Nations Refugee Agency Camps in Kathmandu & Nepal in October 2007Nepal1,500

Visual Art

Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 243,257
touring the exhibition "Imperial Mughal Albums" from the Chester Beatty Library to five museums in the US in May 2008/September 2009United States100,000
exhibition "Singing the Real" in South Africa in July/September 2007 by Irish artists exploring the combination of scientific method and art practice South Africa37,500
participation in the New Art Dealers' Alliance Art Fair in US in December 2006United States8,000
participation at the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) to be held in Florida, December 2006.United States8,000
an exhibition by Irish artists Linda Quinlan, Austin McQuinn and Alex Pentek at the Centre in Australia in March/April 2007Australia7,800
an exhibition by Irish artists in Japan as part of the "Art from a Rucksack 3" Ireland /Japan exchange programme in August 2007Japan7,740
towards bringing the exhibition "Intersections - Globalisation and Identity" to the Youkobo Art Space in Tokyo in December 2006Japan6,275
participating in the group exhibition "Oh, Show me your beauty when the witness are gone!" in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in February/March 2007Slovenia5,935
participation in the exhibition "Present Future" as part of the Artissima Art Fair in Turin, Italy, in November 2006Italy5,590
touring exhibition "Alice Maher: Past and Present" to a number of UK venues in January 2007United Kingdom5,000
attending art fairs in New York, Spain, Cologne, Basel, London, France, US and advertising by e-fluxSpain, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, United States5,000
touring a photography exhibition on Ogham writing throughout France in 2006/2007France5,000
Irish participation in the exhibition "The Secret Theory of Drawing" at the Drawing Room Gallery in London in October/December 2006United Kingdom5,000
the exhibition 'Green Thought in an Urban Shade' in Tsinghua University, Chinain September 2006China4,798
taking part in the Recontre Internationale d'Art Performances in Quebec in September as part of a 2006 exchange with Quebec Artists Canada4,440
an exhibition at the Kunstverein in Badein, Austria, in September/October 2006Austria4,400
a exhibition "Ireland on Camera" showing the work of 5 photographers in Berlin in November 2006Germany3,086
a solo exhibition of paintings in Gallerie Artfelt, New Delhi, India, in February/March 2007India3,057
an exhibition of painting and drawing called "A Natural World" at the Annan Galleria in Helsinki, Finland, in November 2006Finland3,000
touring the exhibition "All Out"in Rome in October/November 2006Italy2,800
participation in the 17th US Art Fair in January 2007United States2,200
a solo exhibition of bronze sculptures and drawings at Galerie Stam in Amsterdam in Nov 2006/Feb 2007Netherlands2,000
an art residency and exhibition in Finland in December 2006 to February 2007Finland1,700
participation an international residency programme in Argentina in March 2007Argentina1,500
bringing a phtographic social documentrary body of work called "Detox" to Totonto, Canada, in October/November 2006Canada1,346
participation in an exhibition in Milan in November 2006Italy1,045
of a visual art exhibition in Finland in October 2006Finland1,045

Total for Autumn 2006: €741,257