Outcome Grant Spring 2006


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 101,689
the 2nd phase of Reel Ireland programme, which is to promote and co-ordinate Irish feature films on an international level in various venues throughout 2006.Ireland90,000
participation at the 3rd Annual San Francisco Irish Film Festival, March 2006.United States3,813
Irish participation in the Centre's European Union Film Festival in March 2006 United States3,000
a market screening of Irish short films at the Festival du Court from January 29th to February 3rd, 2006.France2,876
Irish participation in "The Craic" Festival in New York in March 2006United States2,000


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 222,265
supporting a cross-section of contemporary and classical Irish Literature in France, Zagret, Berlin and Shanghai throughout 2006.France, Croatia, Germany, China171,000
the 20th International James Joyce Symposium in Hungary in June 2006Hungary18,250
participation in "Across the Water" Scottish International Storytelling Festival 25th October to 5th November 2006.United Kingdom7,600
an Irish Studies course in the University of Cluj, Romania from March - May 2006.Romania6,060
Beckett 100 celebrations in Ottawa in April 2006United States3,753
participation in the Franco-Irish Literary Festival between 5th and 6th May in Dublin France3,000
Irish participation at the 10th Annual Trieste Joyce School in June - July 2006Italy3,000
participation at an International Symposium on Beckett's life and work in Greece in November 2006Greece2,800
Irish participation in the Wordfeast International Literary Festival in China in April 2006China2,500
distributing Irish titles in Washington on 17th March 2006United States1,752
participation at an International Symposium on Beckett's life and work in Greece in November 2006Greece1,250
lecture by Prof. David Spearman, on "William Rowan Hamilton" in Athens in March 2006. Greece700
a conference celebrating 40 years of Museum Studies at the University of LeicesterUnited Kingdom600


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 255,493
performing at three festivals in the UK in July-August 2006United Kingdom71,236
Irish music and dancing events for St Patrick's Day in Zurich in March 2006Switzerland20,000
performing in Manchester, Warsaw, Palermo and France between March and July 2006United Kingdom, Italy, Poland20,000
participation in Music in Hospitals within Europe in June - July 2006United Kingdom, France15,000
participation in the London St. Patrick's Day Festival on 12 March 2006United Kingdom15,000
performing at the Spirit of Ireland Award Dinner in San Jose and in San Francisco in March 2006United States15,000
participation in the Fasnacht parades in Basel, Switzerland, 5th and 6th March 2006Switzerland10,000
conducting the Savaria Orchestra of Szombathely in March 2006Hungary10,000
assorted performances in New York, Stamford and Brooklyn, April 2006.United States10,000
the Launch of the World Fleadh Festival in Scothland, other events to take place in Boston, New York and Chicago from Jan - April 2006.United Kingdom6,750
Irish participation in the United Island Music Festival in the Czech Republic in June 2006Czech Republic6,500
the Sinfonietta Orchestra touring performing traditional Irish Music in the USA in April 2006United States6,000
Matin O Connor and friends performing in a number of concerts in Israel in April 2006Israel5,000
U.S tour supporting band 'St Etienne' in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and L.A from 13 Feb to 18 Feb, 2006.United States4,550
music performances by David Holmes at the "Oscar Wilde: Honoring Irish Writing in Film" event in Los Angeles in March 2006United States4,200
participation at the International Chamber Music Festival in Bulgaria, June 2006.Bulgaria3,448
participation in the St. Patrick's Day concert, Bucharest, March 2006.Romania3,200
Irish participation at the 14th Viljandi Folk Music Festival in July 2006Estonia3,000
an Irish Music and Culture Festival in Newcastle Upon Tyne in October 2006United Kingdom3,000
a Festival of traditional Irish Music sessions, workshops and concerts in Rome on 23 - 26 March 2006Italy3,000
participation in the National Day Concert on St. Patrick's Day, in Latvia, March 2006.Latvia3,000
performances by the group Orca at the Oscar Wilde: Honouring Irish Writing in Film hosted by the US Ireland Alliance in Los Angeles on 2nd March 2006United States2,459
Irish participation in Europafest 2006 in Bucharest in MayRomania2,100
performing at the South by Southwest Music Conference in Austin, Texas in March 2006United States2,000
participation in Irish cultural events in the UK between Jan and March 2006United Kingdom1,600
participation of Altan in Kultfest 2006 in Rovinj, Croatia in AugustSlovenia1,500
solo debut recital at Lincoln Centre, New York, as part of the "Great Performer" series in February/March 2006United States1,470
performing concerts of Irish contemporary music and lectures on these works in March-May 2006China1,310
participation in the 36th International Organ Festival from September 13, to October 2nd, 2006 in Slovakia.Slovakia1,240
Irish participation at the Society's St. Patrick's Day BallAustralia1,000
concert performances and workshops by Emer Maylock and Donal Siggins in Poland in March 2006Poland1,000
Irish performances at the St. Patrick's Day events in Edinburgh in March 2006United Kingdom1,000
Irish participation in the 25th Edinburgh International Harp Festival in April 2006United Kingdom630
performing at the 11th Annual Is Arti Festival of Contemporary Music in Lithuania in November 2006Lithuania300


Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 430,143
of performing DruidSynge at two venues in the USA in June/July 2006United States180,053
of performing KNOTS at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2006United Kingdom90,000
touring a new production 'Oedipus Loves You' in Canada in January 2007.Canada53,650
the third phase of the SEEDS Programme that assists young artists to travel abroad to work with leading international companies and artistsUnited Kingdom, Hungary40,000
performing at the 15th Internationale Tanzwoche Dresden in April/May 2006Germany14,351
bringing the production "Tick my Box" to Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2006.United Kingdom12,364
participating in a two week residency at the Irish College Paris in 2006France10,000
performing in 'Cirque du Bizarre' St. Patrick's Day Parade through London in March 2006United Kingdom8,700
a three week Australian tour of Melody from 4 -23 July 2006Australia7,000
to perform Catalpa as part of the Irish Repertory of Chicago from 22 - 26 February, 2006.United States5,000
bringing the production "Tick my Box" to Berlin Fringe Festival in August 2006.Germany3,525
participation in 3rd edition of El Feile, events in Barcelona, Bilbao and Madrid in 2006.Spain3,500
performing at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in March 2006 Australia2,000

Visual Art

Summary DescriptionCountriesCitiesAmount Approved (€)
   Total: 107,706
the commission of Artist's Book by Richard Gorman and display of the book as an artwork at a number venues during the Beckett Centenary YearFrance21,500
participation in 5 International Art Fairs Jan-June 2006.Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Mexico, United States20,000
promoting Visual Arts and Irish Artists at the Frieze Art Fair, London in 2006. United Kingdom12,000
a Gerard Byrne exhibition in Germany in March/April 2006Germany9,160
in the Multi Media event during the Annual Kite Festival in Ahnamebad, Gujarat, IndiaIndia5,500
Mark O Kelly and Michael Boran taking part in New Territories at ARCO'06 in Spain in February 2006Spain5,000
a three month residency with exhibition in China in March-May 2006China4,950
two solo exhibitions in Venice in April 2006Italy4,500
a mounting a solo exhibition in New York in May 2006United States4,260
participation in a Collaborative Residency to include art for exhibition and Lecturing in France from 6 June - 6 August 2006France4,000
the creation of works and an exhibition with the theme of playgrounds in Minnesota in March 2006United States3,000
Irish participation in the part 4 of Short History of Performance at the Gallery in London in March- April 2006United Kingdom2,970
participation at an International Artist's Residency in Argentina in March 2006Argentina2,740
exhibiting a painting at a winter group show in New York in January/February 2006United States2,720
participation in the 2006 Coburg Glass Prize from April - July. Germany2,566
participation in an International Ceramic Symposium "Ceramic Installations" Cairo, Egypt to be held in May 2006.Egypt1,160
an exhibition of film, photography and print entitled "Vision of heaven and Hell" in London from 16 - 28 June 2006United Kingdom1,040
participation in the Solo Art Exhibition at the Kingsgate Workshop Trust in London in May 2006United Kingdom640

Total for Spring 2006: €1,117,296