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If you wish to chose the Save and Finish Later option, as per the tab below, the following details must be completed on the application form:

  1. Name of Applicant
  2. Applicants email address
  3. Amount of funding requested.

Fields with * are required.

Please note that in order to demonstrate that you need Culture Ireland support for your event, a shortfall must be shown on your application. 
To allow consideration of your application, the amount of funding requested must be equal to or less than the shortfall

1. Contact details

2. Your proposal

3. Financial information

  • If applicant is an individual, please provide your individual PPS number (Personal Public Service/tax reference number)
  • If applicant is a company, please provide your VAT number
  • If applicant is a charity, please provide your charity number

(If the applicant does not have a PPS, VAT or Charity Number, he/she should contact the Office of the Revenue Commissioners as this information is required by them. International applicants who neither have an Irish tax registration nor a permanent established (PE) place of business in the state must apply for tax clearance to Non-Residents Unit. Collector-General's Office, Sarsfield House, Francis Street, Limerick, by fax to 061-401009 or by e-mail to Information on Irish Tax Clearance provisions can be found at

Financial details


Both Amount sought and Amount confirmed columns must be filled in

Amount sought/expected Amount confirmed to date

Travel and Transport

Personnel Amount
Transport Amount






While the items below are not generally available for support by Culture Ireland their inclusion here is to show the full scale and cost of the project.
Note: where the Irish component of the project/event is but one item within a much larger project/event, the overall cost of the project is to be scaled back accordingly e.g. 10 acts are performing/being presented and 2 are from Ireland - overall cost of project for this application's purposes becomes therefore one fifth of the larger project/event cost.


4. Additional Documents

The following material should be sent to:

Culture Ireland,
23 Kildare Street,
Dublin 2
Tel: +353 1 6313905/3994/3917
Fax +353 1 6313956

Please note that only new documentation which was not available at the time of the application will be accepted after the closing date.

Upload documents

Most supporting material to be uploadable and submitable electronically through the Culture Ireland online services website. A wide range of materials including images, videos and sound files (up to a total combined limit of 20Mb) to be uploadable. The following file formats to be accepted:

  • image files - (JPEG)
  • sound files - (WAV / mp3)
  • video files - (QuickTime / AVI / MOV)
  • text files - (RTF / .doc)
  • other (PDF / .xls)

All files that are uploaded as support material must be appropriately named. The file name should make it clear what the file represents or contains. It needs to be clear from the file name whether the document is a CV, or a review of an applicant's work.

Send urls

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